Sunday, 8 February 2015

Day 7 of the week off and there's lots of shopping

Hi All,

So today I went shopping to Costco with the was nice cause I don't get to do it as often anymore so had a good nosey at all the bargins :) Being the awesome girlfriend I am I bought Rick some Pepsi and some giant muffins for the both of us. Walking around these places now is becoming more fun cause I'm picking out our grocery shopping for when we move in :) 
   I've noticed especially when talking about the house is its not "if we move in" anymore it's "when we move in". I know we might be counting our chickens before they've hatched but it can't be helped! I want things to be happening now, to get everything started and moving! Everything is planned and just waiting to get into motion! Bills, accounts, food, all of it is planned out now ready for us moving in and getting it started! I've started planning for the house warming!! There's gonna be so many people there the house isn't going to be big enough!! 
   The survey was done on Friday...I hopefully by next week we will have a better idea of what's going on and time scales! The mortgage broker thinks we could be in by the end of March!! That's under two months away!! It's so exciting!! 

LeA x

Friday, 6 February 2015

Day 6 of the week off and I'm just wondering...

Hi All,

So going off the back of yesterday's post, what would you spend a lotto win on? Let's set limits though:

The thunder all win is £500,000 
And the euro millions raffle win is £1,000,000

So let's start with the thunder all win...what would you do? 

My wish list:
The home in currently trying to buy - £80k
A little run around car - £2k
Redecorating the house - £10k
Donations to numberous charities - £50k+
Going back to uni to study nursing and cardiology - £10k+
Paying off current student fees - £24k

And that would probably be it, that's only £154,000.....Ive always said I would still work so I can still pay taxes and that's about it? Even on the thunderball win that would still leave me with £346,000 sat in a bank doing nothing.....?! I have also always said that if I won the lotto I would build a nature reserve for orangutans, so I would eventually do this too I think :)

So, what would you do with just £500,000? 

LeA x

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Day 5 of the week off and just some general ramblings

Hi All,

Today I come at you with general ramblings about much so, I thought it may be best to put categories? That way you can scroll past the ones you don't generally want to read or are really not interested in...that is if you are interested in anything that I have got to say!

Home Buying Updates/Ramblings
So today because everything is rolling in the right direction I thought it may be an idea to find quotes on building/contents insurance, gas/electric and water bills. I have to say they are working out to be around what we expected which is always a bonus but if it wasn't for sites like Money Saving Expert and Go Compare I wouldn't know where to even begin! Money Saving Expert breaks things down and I have worked out that by being on a water meter I would be saving £10 per month on our initial out look on bills. Also thanks you Go Compare I could be saving around £8 per month on our initial out look on bills there too! All the way through the process of buying our first home Money Saving Expert has been amazing and has been my go to guide! I highly recommend it to anyone that needs a break down or easy access to money based and bill based things. It helps right down to WiFi and all sorts!

Make-up and Boredom Setting In
Its my fifth day of being off work and I'm actually missing it. I have a pretty decent work ethic and yes I was looking forward to being off but I'm so bored! I cant go out and spend money cause its all being saved for the house, Its cold so I cant sunbathe...its just boring! I got everything I needed to get done in the first three days of being off and now there's nothing else to do!
     Since the age of 13 I've always worked, be that along side school as a paper girl, or along side university being a bar maid and sales assistant; I've always been doing something. When I was going into my final year at university I was out of work for a month and it absolutely killed me! I started to get into a routine of watching Jeremy Kyle and spotting micro features in liars faces. IT HAD TO CHANGE!
    So with boredom setting in at the moment I have decided to play with my make-up a lot more. I don't generally wear it to work. 1. because I cant be bothered taking the time to put it on in the morning, but 2. because I get warm and sweaty at work and its half way down my face by the end of the shift. I've been thinking about growing my hair again and want it really really long, however it takes so much time to straighten or just to do anything with that I've been looking at wigs on e-Bay. All sorts came up, brown, black, pink, blue, red, long, short, curly, straight, name it, it was there. So I became inspired.
     I just wanted to try and see if I could, so I pulled out my makeup and tried to create anime was a good effort but not something I'll be doing on a regular basis :)

Things at the moment are driving me bananas. Not only do I have to deal with the fact that general elections seem to always be around my birthday I have to constantly see these stupid people pledging unrealistic promises to the country and seeing the country falling for it all again.
   The three major parties need to sit down and listen to themselves rather than trying to be part of the slanging matches they have in the house of commons. Maybe then they could listen to what is wrong in the country and sort that out first before thinking about their own greed!
    The minimum wage tax paying workers are the vast majority of people in the UK and they are what keep this country a-float. As you go higher in the chain of command more greed takes place, more people don't care and more false promises are made. I have to admit I'm not a massively political person however I do keep up do date with the 6PM news updates and party pledges around this time.
    This part of this post may cause the most conflicting views and what not but these are my opinions and I speak on behalf of general public that are educated enough to make decisions but maybe uneducated enough to play ip-dip-doo on the ballot card.
    Labour - Ed Milliband needs to stop making stupid promises of being free of the deficit by 2017. He hasn't actually said how this will happen yet, but guaranteed that taxes will go up even further and it is the hard working citizens of the UK that have to pick up the hardships and backlash of this?! I am a minimum wage earner, I work 50+ hours a week and can just about get by with the wage I am on at the moment. I get taxed around £50/£60 and pay £40/£50 into emergency tax. It may not be much compared to others but that £50 is a water bill? and yet this could go up?! The economy is in so much trouble due to the foolishness of the last labour government, people seem to forget this!
   Liberal Democrats - Nick Clegg needs to just step down as that parties leader if I am being honest. He made a monumental mistake by promising students that he was going to reduce student fees and then backing out on the promise when he realised it wasn't as easy as first thought. Even in the coalition government at the moment he still just seems to be a lap dog for David Cameron. He isn't strong enough of a person and doesn't project himself as a confident enough person to run the entire country. Again they seem to be taking a back seat and pointing out bad points to the other major party pledges, however he isn't making a good enough argument towards his own.
   Conservatives - David Cameron needs to be reminded that he is slowly bringing the country out of a recession and deficit, and a lot of people do not realise that cuts to emergency services and spending has been helping us to get out of this - even though it has been hard. He also needs to realise that the richer people of the economy, even though a lot of them have got there through hard work, they do not run the country. WE MINIMUM WAGE TAXPAYERS HAVE HELPED THEM TO THEIR SUCCESS! However he needs to realise that the system of benefits is terrible. People complain that there's no jobs out there at the moment. THIS IS BOLLOCKS! I was offered three in the space of two weeks, all of which I had to politely decline due to buying my first home. These people are lazy and have got into a routine of being at home, its easy to do. Reducing benefits to disabled people is not the way to fix this, however there needs to be a better system to catching these people. Working in a bar I was surrounded with benefit frauds all the time, but these people need to be found and have evidence gathered against them.....its just a thought!
    Election time of the year really reminds me Jeremy Kyle, but with posh people and political parties....actually that would make for an interesting episode: "A rival gang is a loan shark" or "I promised a brighter future but ran away at first glance" or "I have more money than you and want more of yours"
    Hmm maybe we should put this idea to the man may help people vote in may? Maybe not.

Religion and world affairs
Today in the news there is yet more horrible news about racism, war and general hate. Why cant people believe in who/what they want? Apparently the Jewish community is being targeted at the moment by haters? I don't understand why? How can one religion be targeted by so much hate? Each person is an individual and shouldn't be put under the branched stereotype. Same goes for the Muslim community, Israelis and Palestinians. Not every Muslim worshipper is a radical or walking about thinking about jihadist actions. Not every Judaism worshipper is going to take as much money as they can from you and keep it for themselves. Its silly. EVERY PERSON IS DIFFERENT! I challenge the people who read this or even find out about this to approach people in the street as equals. Some may think ill of you but maybe that is because they also have been tainted with the stereotype brush and see you as what you see in them? A stereotype of something bad that sticks! What if we began a stereotype that all people you meet bring something good to your life? How about we create a notion that the more cultures you are educated about and have in your life (not to worship but maybe as friends) creates a bench mark for a fantastically successful life?
   If the whole world could accept that there are different religions and that people are different then the world would be a happier place.
   My dad showed me an article about how the I.S. steal women and children away from families and sell them on markets, and how there is a leaflet out lining that even if children haven't reached puberty as long as the child isn't harmed intercourse is allowed. THIS IS DISGUSTING?! How can this be getting preached?! I don't understand how someone has thought of this and thought that is acceptable?! The world of religion is a very complex place and what one person believes is right and what another person knows to be wrong is two different things, as a world in want of peace we have to stand back and when the time comes we need to be there for the people affected. There are always going to be good and bad people in the world and unfortunately GREED takes over in everyone. Can you imagine a world without greed? Where everyone is courteous and kind? Where people can believe in what they wish? Only when people stop thinking about themselves and power will the world be in the right track towards peace.

I understand I ramble and a lot of it is uneducated, however sometimes uneducated people can speak sense? Well I hope so! I fall under the greed category. I wish with all my heart to just win the lotto or something along those lines just so I can have enough money to live comfortably, still go to work and not worry about bills to pay and everything else. We live in a world controlled by money and power and unfortunately that will never change.

LeA x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Day 4 of the week off and its time to be a hopeless romantic

Hi All,

Well today is the day that me and Rick finally decided to make it official and be in an exclusive relationship together! We have had shit times which I'm sure more will still come and we have had amazing times - which I'm certain will continue, but we have reached a point in the relationship where we can tell all the people that thought it wouldn't last FUCK YOU!

We first met at a flat party. It was my friends friend and Ricks cousin to whom the flat belonged to. I was in the midst of a shitty relationship and the boy in question was texting me every five minutes asking me what I was doing, basically being insecure about me because he was cheating on me. Rick had walked in with a friend and I spotted him from across the room, I know tat sounds corny as hell but its true. Me and my friend both saw them and we compared them on who we thought was the fittest and what not...general teenager boy talk. later on in the night I went to a room and in my drunken state had a boo to myself due to the situation I was in with the idiot 'boyfriend' and from the text messages I was being sent, this is where Ricks other cousin and Rick walked in. They both sat there consoling me and all I could think of was: wow...there's a really fit guy sat next to me telling me I'm good looking and shouldn't put up with my idiot 'boyfriend' (if that's what he could have been called).
      I cant really remember now the rest of the night, I obviously had too much to drink and got trigger happy! My next memory of the night was being picked up by Rick and being in this intense kissathon. I was being called from the bottom of the stairs to hurry up cause we were going home, and Rick asked me for my number.
     I had just snogged the most insanely fittest guy I had ever kissed...nothing was going to come of it, so I told him I wasn't giving it to him and told him to find me on facebook. So he asked for my name, and again cause I didn't think anything was going to come of it I told him I wasn't going to tell him and if it was meant to be he would find me. I left that night feeling proud that someone so fit had asked me for my number and I had shared a kiss with him and I had walked away knowing that nothing was going to come of it and it would be a moment that I would be happy about for the rest of my life. I got home and went to bed.
     The next morning my friend phoned asking for all the gossip on him, if he was a good kisser, how it happened, what was going on with the idiot 'boyfriend' that I was seeing, and she stopped and said she had been added on facebook by one of his cousins (the brother to the cousin that had invited her to the party) and hat her brother wanted to know my name so he could add me too. That instantly triggered the memory of me saying to add me on facebook to rick. I ran to my computer only expecting the request off his cousin, but I also had one off someone called Rick. I asked my friend if she recognised the name and when I looked through the pictures I realised it was him! It has to be one of the single most romantic things he has ever done. He didn't know my name, we had no mutual friends at the time and even his cousin (my friends friend) didn't know my name!
      Throughout the year we kept in contact and spoke as though we had been friends for a long time. We met up again at another flat party and he had text me asking if he minded if he brought a friend, I found this slightly odd but said I had no problem cause it wasn't as though we were in a relationship, he reply was that he knew but he felt bad because we had been talking a lot.
      We smiled at eachother that night just the once and after that avoided looking in eachothers direction. After that we went back to talking like friends.
      September came and it had turned out we were both going to university and we were both going to the same one. We tried to arrange to meet on the same day at enrolment but he was enrolling on a different day, and yet again the conversations just kept to a friendly basis. I had been sent a picture by this point of his body....which I can still picture to this day and it makes me smile, including the serious look he had on his face....and by this point I was nearing the end of the shitty fling with the shitty 'boyfriend'. I went to freshers with the girls on my halls and discovered that they were studying the same subject as Rick. I told them to keep an eye open for him because he was the really fit one and OMG! to which they did and became very good friends with him.
      I arranged a night out for the girls to discover the joys of Bury and their night clubs, and Rick was jealous he hadn't been invited, he got invited and from there our 6 months of being friends with benefits began. We shared a kiss on the sticky dance floor of Sol Viva, and as he legged it off to the loo I remember thinking he is going to break my heart one day.

Five years later and look at us! Buying our first home, stronger than ever, I couldn't function properly if I didn't have him in my life. The thought of him not being there actually really upsets me. He brings out my strengths and confidence and I thank him for every day that we have been in eachothers lives! I also would like him to know that he's a 'W' for taking so long to decide whether he wanted to be in a relationship with me or not!
    We are now embarking on a new and exciting chapter of our lives and I cant wait to hold his hand the whole way!

I love you more than you could ever know Rick!

LeA x

Day 3 of the week off and Yet more work on the home buying

Hi All,

I forgot to post yesterdays here it is today!

Yet again another day on my holiday passes where I am spending time sorting out paper work and other serious things with regards buying the I might as well tell all of the struggles and stresses so far!

NO ONE EVER TELLS YOU TO SAVE MORE THAN THE DEPOSIT!! Me and my partner have gone into buying our first home with only enough money for a deposit. No-one ever seems to tell you about how expensive all the other sides to these things are. For example, due to being new buyers we have gone with a mortgage broker...well that's expensive, surveys on the house are expensive, legal fees are expensive (annoying too considering all they seem to do it look on the internet and see if the house I want to buy is going to collapse due to a mine) and on top of they are cheeky enough to charge us £20 for every time we are contacted/contact them?! buildings and contents insurance...isn't bad but when you have to get it with the mortgage its just more money having to be spent. The first payment of the mortgage is usually bigger than the rest so that first month we have in our new home we will be living off 9p noodles and water!
       Its an absolute pain! Everyone keeps saying it will be worth it in the end and I know and cant wait, but at the moment its such a pain! I understand now why they say its the most stressful thing you will ever have to do, that and getting divorced...but we aren't married yet so there's no need to worry about that! It does make me laugh how at the moment with all the families on both sides offering old furniture and appliances, how much of a mish mash the house will be, and with both me and my other half being on minimum wages its going to take a while before we can get matching things :) but I suppose its all the quirkiness and joy of getting your first home, so that my children can then be told of how at first we were a complete and utter mish match!
      We are hoping to be in by the end of March, that's about two months away! its so exciting! I never really realised how long it took to buy a house, I remember as a child moving from the house I grew up in to the house I spent my teens in and it didn't seem to be this long however I suppose I wasn't really involved back then and was kept away from all the official sides of it. I remember coming to view this house and many others and finding the smallest rooms in every house and declaring them to be mine... I was shocked when mum told me about what they had paid for this house, and what it is worth now, its practically doubled in price! The housing market is so odd and it doesn't surprise me that there's so many places up for rent now rather than anything else. I do think greed takes over with some people though and its sad, but hey-ho what else can I do apart from complain or ramble about it?
       I do however have to say, I think this whole help-to-buy scheme from the council is good and it manages to get people on to the housing ladder, however its only on new builds and all new builds at the moment, in my area anyway, are all 3+ bedrooms?! I'm not being funny but why on earth would a couple looking for their first home want a three bed property?! We have selected a two bed and that's more than enough?! Rick likes to snore in bed every so often so he needs somewhere that I can kick him when he's being noisy haha! However I understand these property developers want to make money and such but it just means more expense towards bills such as electrics, gas, water, council tax! All of it! I think the council haven't thought it through well enough or property developers haven't maximised their revenue ---> is this the right word?
     Ahh well that's my ramblings for yesterday anyway! I'm pretty sure there's going to be more to come the further we go through the process!

LeA x

Monday, 2 February 2015

Day 2 of the week off and relaxing-ish

Hi All,

Well after organising paper work in a file about the buying of my first home and getting my mum up to speed with what's happening I finally decided to sit down and have time to myself.
   Mum bought a box of popcorn bags a few weeks ago so naturally if I'm going to have time to myself and watch a film, I've got to have popcorn! So what film to watch...
   I'm very into box sets and have just finished the 5th season of "The Vampire Diaries" on Netflix, and oh my days it has me hooked! However it's a film day today. I'm a sucker for Disney films and a friend had recently told me that there was a Mulan 2. 
   I love films where a woman is an empowering figure and the story of Mulan makes me feel proud to be female. She decided to go against her fathers wishes and broke the law all to save her father and in the process helped to win wars. She became a respected general and even though she was hiding her true identity she became respected by those around her due to the courage she had for her troops. I'm not wised up on the actual story of Mulan however after watching the non-Disney version today I'm slightly upset that Disney did not create their animation more like this! 
    The film I watched was "Mulan - A True Warrior" a Chinese film with subtitles. I don't know what it is about Chinese films but they seem to catch an essence of emotion and magic that other English speaking films don't have in the same way. Maybe this is because I am watching a film in a foreign language and have to read the emotions deeper so I  have a better understanding? Or maybe it's that I have to read and watch and listen and concentrate all at the same time - and if I miss a part of it I've not got the foggiest where I'm up to? Which ever or whatever it is, it makes the films seem so different to English speaking films. Yes I am female and yes we are supposed to multitask but even some of us have limits!
    For example, "House Of Flying Daggers" just seems to capture your attentions more? I don't know, maybe it's just me...I enjoy Chinese films :) 
    Either way today has been a chilled day of doing nothing and now I feel like I've been off work for a full weekend...I feel ready to get back to work and it's only been two days?! Maybe my body is being forced to relax, but I kind of feel anxious that I've not been in work? It's strange? 
    Coming from my last employment that I hated with a passion to this which I actually enjoy and feel like I'm actually working, it's strange to be off work. I used to look forward to weeks off and weekends off, where as now even though I have looked forward to this and enjoy my days off I feel reluctant to not being at work helping with paper work or showing new staff new things? Hmm....strange....maybe this will change as the week progresses? If the buying of our first home has anything to do with it I'll be even more eager to get back to work!! 
   I do promise to write about the house and all that is going on with it, but at the moment it feels like a lot of effort to be getting into the details of that! Maybe when we move in? If all goes well! 

LeA x

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Day 1 of the week off and Sunday Roast

Hi All,

Oh my days, what can be better than mothers Sunday roast?! Gravy made from the juices of the meat, if it's a pork roast then the crackling, the whole family squeezing round a table designed for 8 when there's 11 for tea (and that's a small turn out!), conversations about plans to race tough mudder and the niece and nephew misbehaving. It's chaos to say the least but I wouldn't have it any other way! 
   Come 7pm and everyone has gone home or is going home and the house becomes peaceful again. I have to say hats off to my parents for creating and maintaining such a strong family unit that is my family, sorting problems, taking the high road with bitter grandparents, leaving my brother to parent his children and not butting in, and it's all brought together in one afternoon, with one meal and one thing in mind....mums gravy! 
    With the log burner on and the dogs, my parents and myself relaxing watching "Animals in love" and "country file" you would never have guessed that the house was so chaotic less than an hour ago! 
   I don't think my mum realises how much we all as a family appreciate her Sunday roasts. She spends most of Sunday day cooking the meat and making sure it's fall off the bone/melt in the mouth cooked, and it's devoured within 30 minutes! Some weekends Sunday roast is "called off" and the whole family are gutted and don't know what to do with the day but she would never allow us to take over and cook one ourselves for everyone! 
   It's one of the things I love most about my mum, even when we (the kids) try to cook instead as a friendly gesture she still worries enough that she has to keep checking up on us and making sure she knows what we are cooking and what stage it's at - puts the pressure on a little but when we ask for help or her opinion on the matter she seems excited and appreciated that we have asked her.
   I can't say me n my mum have ever had a bad relationship but in my teen years (as is with every teenager) life was hard and my parents were horrible and didn't care and blah blah blah, it obviously wasn't the case - I was just being a difficult teen, but now me n my mum have such a strong relationship and  I am so thankful for it! 
   Now I can't say all of this and not mention Poppa Agg, he's silent and takes in the situation of life before making a sound. He's a rock for my mum and always has the last say - even though my mum rules the roost. When he offers advice it's usually the type that you don't want to listen to but is always the best advice. He's so knowledgable and is wasted in the job he's in at the moment. He's always kept us interested in wildlife and exercise. I remember growing up going to his fell races and remember my very first race. I thank my dad for the respect I have for my elders and the patience I am very slowly learning from him. 
   My parents are hard workers and to hear their struggles when they were in their twenties and everything they have been through as a married couple I really am humbled. They are a true representation of sticking with something and having patience (especially when there's four siblings).

LeA x

Back At It After 3 Years!

Hi All,

So coming back on here after three years away and I forgot how complicated it can be! After finally getting rid of all my old pages and ramblings I can safely say I'm ready to begin this new..chapter..of blogging. I have an INSTAGRAM page, loraineagg, a TWITTER account, lea_91 or raf_lol, a VINE account, Loraine Agg, a SNAPCHAT, loraine6591, and of course FACEBOOK - so its only fair that I break back into this!

In the past three years I haven't been on here, me and my other half split up for 8 months and after many times of trying to get back together we finally stayed back together. I think this time apart was needed because it helped us both realise that we aren't complete without each other in our lives, and we bring out the strengths in one another.
     I started and finished a fast track course to health professions at Bolton college and obtained distinction grade. It was the most exciting, stressful and fun course I have ever done and reiterates how much I want to be going into the nursing career. In December 2014 my granddad passed away, with an illness relating to his heart where the arteries slowly die and starve the heart of oxygen, this makes me more determined to be part of cardiology and research into heart disease!
   I applied for the RAF in 2014 too and made it through all parts but was failed due to an outbreak of eczema on my arms and hands...I was GUTTED! Being part of the RAF would have been a starting point for me and my partner to get financially sound to be able to move in together and buy a house. I'd be in a steady job and earning better wages than the minimum bar maid wage that I was earning at the time!
   During the past three years it is safe to say that I have finally matured and I'm ready to get on the venture of my adult life! So much so that me and my partner are in the process of buying our first home together! Indeed it is stressful and no one ever tells you that you need to save for not only the deposit but also the legal fees... so at the moment things are extremely stressful... but more will be spoken of that at another time!
   Its currently 14:30 on a Sunday afternoon and with the winter sun in my eyes all I can smell of the day ahead is todays Sunday roast and tomorrows pea and ham soup :) So here it is, my first post after three years away...a bit of an essay and more than likely filled with so many grammatical mistakes that my English tutors would be super pissed off with me but ah well!! Here's to potentially making a good toilet time read for someone somewhere!

LeA x