Sunday, 1 February 2015

Back At It After 3 Years!

Hi All,

So coming back on here after three years away and I forgot how complicated it can be! After finally getting rid of all my old pages and ramblings I can safely say I'm ready to begin this new..chapter..of blogging. I have an INSTAGRAM page, loraineagg, a TWITTER account, lea_91 or raf_lol, a VINE account, Loraine Agg, a SNAPCHAT, loraine6591, and of course FACEBOOK - so its only fair that I break back into this!

In the past three years I haven't been on here, me and my other half split up for 8 months and after many times of trying to get back together we finally stayed back together. I think this time apart was needed because it helped us both realise that we aren't complete without each other in our lives, and we bring out the strengths in one another.
     I started and finished a fast track course to health professions at Bolton college and obtained distinction grade. It was the most exciting, stressful and fun course I have ever done and reiterates how much I want to be going into the nursing career. In December 2014 my granddad passed away, with an illness relating to his heart where the arteries slowly die and starve the heart of oxygen, this makes me more determined to be part of cardiology and research into heart disease!
   I applied for the RAF in 2014 too and made it through all parts but was failed due to an outbreak of eczema on my arms and hands...I was GUTTED! Being part of the RAF would have been a starting point for me and my partner to get financially sound to be able to move in together and buy a house. I'd be in a steady job and earning better wages than the minimum bar maid wage that I was earning at the time!
   During the past three years it is safe to say that I have finally matured and I'm ready to get on the venture of my adult life! So much so that me and my partner are in the process of buying our first home together! Indeed it is stressful and no one ever tells you that you need to save for not only the deposit but also the legal fees... so at the moment things are extremely stressful... but more will be spoken of that at another time!
   Its currently 14:30 on a Sunday afternoon and with the winter sun in my eyes all I can smell of the day ahead is todays Sunday roast and tomorrows pea and ham soup :) So here it is, my first post after three years away...a bit of an essay and more than likely filled with so many grammatical mistakes that my English tutors would be super pissed off with me but ah well!! Here's to potentially making a good toilet time read for someone somewhere!

LeA x

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