Sunday, 1 February 2015

Day 1 of the week off and Sunday Roast

Hi All,

Oh my days, what can be better than mothers Sunday roast?! Gravy made from the juices of the meat, if it's a pork roast then the crackling, the whole family squeezing round a table designed for 8 when there's 11 for tea (and that's a small turn out!), conversations about plans to race tough mudder and the niece and nephew misbehaving. It's chaos to say the least but I wouldn't have it any other way! 
   Come 7pm and everyone has gone home or is going home and the house becomes peaceful again. I have to say hats off to my parents for creating and maintaining such a strong family unit that is my family, sorting problems, taking the high road with bitter grandparents, leaving my brother to parent his children and not butting in, and it's all brought together in one afternoon, with one meal and one thing in mind....mums gravy! 
    With the log burner on and the dogs, my parents and myself relaxing watching "Animals in love" and "country file" you would never have guessed that the house was so chaotic less than an hour ago! 
   I don't think my mum realises how much we all as a family appreciate her Sunday roasts. She spends most of Sunday day cooking the meat and making sure it's fall off the bone/melt in the mouth cooked, and it's devoured within 30 minutes! Some weekends Sunday roast is "called off" and the whole family are gutted and don't know what to do with the day but she would never allow us to take over and cook one ourselves for everyone! 
   It's one of the things I love most about my mum, even when we (the kids) try to cook instead as a friendly gesture she still worries enough that she has to keep checking up on us and making sure she knows what we are cooking and what stage it's at - puts the pressure on a little but when we ask for help or her opinion on the matter she seems excited and appreciated that we have asked her.
   I can't say me n my mum have ever had a bad relationship but in my teen years (as is with every teenager) life was hard and my parents were horrible and didn't care and blah blah blah, it obviously wasn't the case - I was just being a difficult teen, but now me n my mum have such a strong relationship and  I am so thankful for it! 
   Now I can't say all of this and not mention Poppa Agg, he's silent and takes in the situation of life before making a sound. He's a rock for my mum and always has the last say - even though my mum rules the roost. When he offers advice it's usually the type that you don't want to listen to but is always the best advice. He's so knowledgable and is wasted in the job he's in at the moment. He's always kept us interested in wildlife and exercise. I remember growing up going to his fell races and remember my very first race. I thank my dad for the respect I have for my elders and the patience I am very slowly learning from him. 
   My parents are hard workers and to hear their struggles when they were in their twenties and everything they have been through as a married couple I really am humbled. They are a true representation of sticking with something and having patience (especially when there's four siblings).

LeA x

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