Monday, 2 February 2015

Day 2 of the week off and relaxing-ish

Hi All,

Well after organising paper work in a file about the buying of my first home and getting my mum up to speed with what's happening I finally decided to sit down and have time to myself.
   Mum bought a box of popcorn bags a few weeks ago so naturally if I'm going to have time to myself and watch a film, I've got to have popcorn! So what film to watch...
   I'm very into box sets and have just finished the 5th season of "The Vampire Diaries" on Netflix, and oh my days it has me hooked! However it's a film day today. I'm a sucker for Disney films and a friend had recently told me that there was a Mulan 2. 
   I love films where a woman is an empowering figure and the story of Mulan makes me feel proud to be female. She decided to go against her fathers wishes and broke the law all to save her father and in the process helped to win wars. She became a respected general and even though she was hiding her true identity she became respected by those around her due to the courage she had for her troops. I'm not wised up on the actual story of Mulan however after watching the non-Disney version today I'm slightly upset that Disney did not create their animation more like this! 
    The film I watched was "Mulan - A True Warrior" a Chinese film with subtitles. I don't know what it is about Chinese films but they seem to catch an essence of emotion and magic that other English speaking films don't have in the same way. Maybe this is because I am watching a film in a foreign language and have to read the emotions deeper so I  have a better understanding? Or maybe it's that I have to read and watch and listen and concentrate all at the same time - and if I miss a part of it I've not got the foggiest where I'm up to? Which ever or whatever it is, it makes the films seem so different to English speaking films. Yes I am female and yes we are supposed to multitask but even some of us have limits!
    For example, "House Of Flying Daggers" just seems to capture your attentions more? I don't know, maybe it's just me...I enjoy Chinese films :) 
    Either way today has been a chilled day of doing nothing and now I feel like I've been off work for a full weekend...I feel ready to get back to work and it's only been two days?! Maybe my body is being forced to relax, but I kind of feel anxious that I've not been in work? It's strange? 
    Coming from my last employment that I hated with a passion to this which I actually enjoy and feel like I'm actually working, it's strange to be off work. I used to look forward to weeks off and weekends off, where as now even though I have looked forward to this and enjoy my days off I feel reluctant to not being at work helping with paper work or showing new staff new things? Hmm....strange....maybe this will change as the week progresses? If the buying of our first home has anything to do with it I'll be even more eager to get back to work!! 
   I do promise to write about the house and all that is going on with it, but at the moment it feels like a lot of effort to be getting into the details of that! Maybe when we move in? If all goes well! 

LeA x

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