Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Day 3 of the week off and Yet more work on the home buying

Hi All,

I forgot to post yesterdays here it is today!

Yet again another day on my holiday passes where I am spending time sorting out paper work and other serious things with regards buying the I might as well tell all of the struggles and stresses so far!

NO ONE EVER TELLS YOU TO SAVE MORE THAN THE DEPOSIT!! Me and my partner have gone into buying our first home with only enough money for a deposit. No-one ever seems to tell you about how expensive all the other sides to these things are. For example, due to being new buyers we have gone with a mortgage broker...well that's expensive, surveys on the house are expensive, legal fees are expensive (annoying too considering all they seem to do it look on the internet and see if the house I want to buy is going to collapse due to a mine) and on top of they are cheeky enough to charge us £20 for every time we are contacted/contact them?! buildings and contents insurance...isn't bad but when you have to get it with the mortgage its just more money having to be spent. The first payment of the mortgage is usually bigger than the rest so that first month we have in our new home we will be living off 9p noodles and water!
       Its an absolute pain! Everyone keeps saying it will be worth it in the end and I know and cant wait, but at the moment its such a pain! I understand now why they say its the most stressful thing you will ever have to do, that and getting divorced...but we aren't married yet so there's no need to worry about that! It does make me laugh how at the moment with all the families on both sides offering old furniture and appliances, how much of a mish mash the house will be, and with both me and my other half being on minimum wages its going to take a while before we can get matching things :) but I suppose its all the quirkiness and joy of getting your first home, so that my children can then be told of how at first we were a complete and utter mish match!
      We are hoping to be in by the end of March, that's about two months away! its so exciting! I never really realised how long it took to buy a house, I remember as a child moving from the house I grew up in to the house I spent my teens in and it didn't seem to be this long however I suppose I wasn't really involved back then and was kept away from all the official sides of it. I remember coming to view this house and many others and finding the smallest rooms in every house and declaring them to be mine... I was shocked when mum told me about what they had paid for this house, and what it is worth now, its practically doubled in price! The housing market is so odd and it doesn't surprise me that there's so many places up for rent now rather than anything else. I do think greed takes over with some people though and its sad, but hey-ho what else can I do apart from complain or ramble about it?
       I do however have to say, I think this whole help-to-buy scheme from the council is good and it manages to get people on to the housing ladder, however its only on new builds and all new builds at the moment, in my area anyway, are all 3+ bedrooms?! I'm not being funny but why on earth would a couple looking for their first home want a three bed property?! We have selected a two bed and that's more than enough?! Rick likes to snore in bed every so often so he needs somewhere that I can kick him when he's being noisy haha! However I understand these property developers want to make money and such but it just means more expense towards bills such as electrics, gas, water, council tax! All of it! I think the council haven't thought it through well enough or property developers haven't maximised their revenue ---> is this the right word?
     Ahh well that's my ramblings for yesterday anyway! I'm pretty sure there's going to be more to come the further we go through the process!

LeA x

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