Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Day 4 of the week off and its time to be a hopeless romantic

Hi All,

Well today is the day that me and Rick finally decided to make it official and be in an exclusive relationship together! We have had shit times which I'm sure more will still come and we have had amazing times - which I'm certain will continue, but we have reached a point in the relationship where we can tell all the people that thought it wouldn't last FUCK YOU!

We first met at a flat party. It was my friends friend and Ricks cousin to whom the flat belonged to. I was in the midst of a shitty relationship and the boy in question was texting me every five minutes asking me what I was doing, basically being insecure about me because he was cheating on me. Rick had walked in with a friend and I spotted him from across the room, I know tat sounds corny as hell but its true. Me and my friend both saw them and we compared them on who we thought was the fittest and what not...general teenager boy talk. later on in the night I went to a room and in my drunken state had a boo to myself due to the situation I was in with the idiot 'boyfriend' and from the text messages I was being sent, this is where Ricks other cousin and Rick walked in. They both sat there consoling me and all I could think of was: wow...there's a really fit guy sat next to me telling me I'm good looking and shouldn't put up with my idiot 'boyfriend' (if that's what he could have been called).
      I cant really remember now the rest of the night, I obviously had too much to drink and got trigger happy! My next memory of the night was being picked up by Rick and being in this intense kissathon. I was being called from the bottom of the stairs to hurry up cause we were going home, and Rick asked me for my number.
     I had just snogged the most insanely fittest guy I had ever kissed...nothing was going to come of it, so I told him I wasn't giving it to him and told him to find me on facebook. So he asked for my name, and again cause I didn't think anything was going to come of it I told him I wasn't going to tell him and if it was meant to be he would find me. I left that night feeling proud that someone so fit had asked me for my number and I had shared a kiss with him and I had walked away knowing that nothing was going to come of it and it would be a moment that I would be happy about for the rest of my life. I got home and went to bed.
     The next morning my friend phoned asking for all the gossip on him, if he was a good kisser, how it happened, what was going on with the idiot 'boyfriend' that I was seeing, and she stopped and said she had been added on facebook by one of his cousins (the brother to the cousin that had invited her to the party) and hat her brother wanted to know my name so he could add me too. That instantly triggered the memory of me saying to add me on facebook to rick. I ran to my computer only expecting the request off his cousin, but I also had one off someone called Rick. I asked my friend if she recognised the name and when I looked through the pictures I realised it was him! It has to be one of the single most romantic things he has ever done. He didn't know my name, we had no mutual friends at the time and even his cousin (my friends friend) didn't know my name!
      Throughout the year we kept in contact and spoke as though we had been friends for a long time. We met up again at another flat party and he had text me asking if he minded if he brought a friend, I found this slightly odd but said I had no problem cause it wasn't as though we were in a relationship, he reply was that he knew but he felt bad because we had been talking a lot.
      We smiled at eachother that night just the once and after that avoided looking in eachothers direction. After that we went back to talking like friends.
      September came and it had turned out we were both going to university and we were both going to the same one. We tried to arrange to meet on the same day at enrolment but he was enrolling on a different day, and yet again the conversations just kept to a friendly basis. I had been sent a picture by this point of his body....which I can still picture to this day and it makes me smile, including the serious look he had on his face....and by this point I was nearing the end of the shitty fling with the shitty 'boyfriend'. I went to freshers with the girls on my halls and discovered that they were studying the same subject as Rick. I told them to keep an eye open for him because he was the really fit one and OMG! to which they did and became very good friends with him.
      I arranged a night out for the girls to discover the joys of Bury and their night clubs, and Rick was jealous he hadn't been invited, he got invited and from there our 6 months of being friends with benefits began. We shared a kiss on the sticky dance floor of Sol Viva, and as he legged it off to the loo I remember thinking he is going to break my heart one day.

Five years later and look at us! Buying our first home, stronger than ever, I couldn't function properly if I didn't have him in my life. The thought of him not being there actually really upsets me. He brings out my strengths and confidence and I thank him for every day that we have been in eachothers lives! I also would like him to know that he's a 'W' for taking so long to decide whether he wanted to be in a relationship with me or not!
    We are now embarking on a new and exciting chapter of our lives and I cant wait to hold his hand the whole way!

I love you more than you could ever know Rick!

LeA x

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