Friday, 6 February 2015

Day 6 of the week off and I'm just wondering...

Hi All,

So going off the back of yesterday's post, what would you spend a lotto win on? Let's set limits though:

The thunder all win is £500,000 
And the euro millions raffle win is £1,000,000

So let's start with the thunder all win...what would you do? 

My wish list:
The home in currently trying to buy - £80k
A little run around car - £2k
Redecorating the house - £10k
Donations to numberous charities - £50k+
Going back to uni to study nursing and cardiology - £10k+
Paying off current student fees - £24k

And that would probably be it, that's only £154,000.....Ive always said I would still work so I can still pay taxes and that's about it? Even on the thunderball win that would still leave me with £346,000 sat in a bank doing nothing.....?! I have also always said that if I won the lotto I would build a nature reserve for orangutans, so I would eventually do this too I think :)

So, what would you do with just £500,000? 

LeA x

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