Sunday, 8 February 2015

Day 7 of the week off and there's lots of shopping

Hi All,

So today I went shopping to Costco with the was nice cause I don't get to do it as often anymore so had a good nosey at all the bargins :) Being the awesome girlfriend I am I bought Rick some Pepsi and some giant muffins for the both of us. Walking around these places now is becoming more fun cause I'm picking out our grocery shopping for when we move in :) 
   I've noticed especially when talking about the house is its not "if we move in" anymore it's "when we move in". I know we might be counting our chickens before they've hatched but it can't be helped! I want things to be happening now, to get everything started and moving! Everything is planned and just waiting to get into motion! Bills, accounts, food, all of it is planned out now ready for us moving in and getting it started! I've started planning for the house warming!! There's gonna be so many people there the house isn't going to be big enough!! 
   The survey was done on Friday...I hopefully by next week we will have a better idea of what's going on and time scales! The mortgage broker thinks we could be in by the end of March!! That's under two months away!! It's so exciting!! 

LeA x

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